Analog Rebellion

Starting today, July 20th, at 5 PM CST (changed from 3 PM), I’m posting a bunch of eBay auctions for gear I’m selling. Everything from drums, to guitars, to amps, to synths, and other miscellaneous musical items.

Most of it is stuff that was on tour with PlayRadioPlay! and Analog Rebellion. Other stuff is gear I used in the studio while writing or record albums for those two projects. All of it is used, and all of it is priced very reasonably!

And the best news of all: 15% of all proceeds on ALL of these items will go to Children International to aid children that are living in poverty all over the world. Children International is a non profit humanitarian organization that helps bring basic necessities to impoverished children in the following ways:

Health: access to a doctor, dentist, vaccines and medicine
Education: uniforms and school supplies, tuition assistance, access to libraries and tutoring
Nutrition: malnutrition screenings, feeding programs, supplements and educational programs
Youth: peer education, leadership and vocational training, civic responsibility and scholarships
Community: clean-water initiatives, sanitary latrines and micro-enterprise programs and grants
Family: household items, income-generation programs, educational opportunities and housing and home-repair assistance

You can read more about Children International here:

So bid away! Some of the stuff is cheap, $20-$100! Other stuff is more expensive and likely to be bid on by eBayers that have no idea who PRP and Analog Rebellion are. For that reason, if you want anything signed or if you’d like me to include a love note with an item you purchase, just let me know on Facebook, Twitter, or eBay.

The eBay auctions will appear at the following link at 5PM CST today:



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