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Carol in the Subie. Her favorite place.

Carol in the Subie. Her favorite place.

Cory Harvard just Cory Harvardin’ (at Tomcast Studio)

Beatin’ the Heat with Beats (at Tomcast Studio)

New song. Enjoy.

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"I was familiar with only two city types: those vibrant and volatile, where you stumble off the bus—all fiery—storming into a town that hurls forth culture and climax in unfair amounts. I looked at the pavement cracks, the cop demanding my ID, the upsetting scene of a dead turtle… Dallas was the second—“So bad it’s good.” Gritty and unforgiving, lots of weeds and soy milk nowhere. It growls, and you laugh, because it’s just a big, stupid city. It presents its most menacing packs of angry youth—you laugh harder. It presents endless eight-lane chain-store strips, all leading nowhere—you’re doubled over. It puts a huge guard at every retail door, you eat its food, etc. etc. Sort of a “win-win” deal either way."


"are you in recovery/12 step fellowship?"

Asked by Anonymous

I did the 12 step program thing when I first got sober, but I don’t any longer. Unlike the philosophy of AA/NA, I don’t consider myself an alcoholic from a single rough patch in my life. That’s unreasonable, in my opinion. Still, I choose not to drink.